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Wondering what to do with all that waste?

Whether it's your home, business, or community,

I'm here to support you toward achieving organic waste-free solutions, as well as assisting you in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, regenerating soils, and even sequestering carbon.

Better for People, Better for the Planet.

Are you looking to:
• Receive expert support for organic waste processing, ensuring circular economy practices, carbon neutrality, and waste-free solutions?
• Operate a waste-free business, efficiently managing organic and paper waste?

• Minimise greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a regional circular economy?

• Boost productivity by incorporating organic waste into vineyards and orchards, thereby reducing synthetic inputs and your carbon footprint?

• Enhance the value of digestate from your anaerobic digester?

• Embrace a natural circular home and garden concept while saving money?
• Explore alternative technologies and concepts that are both regional and socially accepted?  
• Invest in natural climate solutions to decarbonize your operation?

• Efficiently manage manure?

Innovation -Driven Solutions

My practical solutions cater to various scales, from individual needs to businesses and entire regions. They are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. I specialize in organic waste processing, providing circular economy solutions that are both carbon-neutral and waste-free.




Research, practical experience, and consulting
in sustainable, regenerative soil management for farming
and orchards.



Organic Waste vermicomposted.



Expertise in organic waste management, specialising in industrial vermicomposting and land application.


About me

Since 2007, I've designed and established 7 commercial vermicomposting sites, processing 500 to 120,000 tonnes annually. As the founder of various industrial-scale vermicomposting operations, I've developed processes for handling a wide range of organic wastes, from municipal biosolids to paper and cardboard waste. My expertise extends to integrating vermicomposting into farm and forest management systems, providing sustainable solutions for hospitality businesses, and assisting communities in co-composting and vermicomposting food, garden, and paper waste.


Consulting in vermicomposting, circular economy solutions, and organic waste utilisation for soil regeneration.

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